Chandra is a seasoned and accomplished speaker with the ability to tailor her message to your event theme. She has a unique gift for inspiring people to become part of the change they want to see. She helps people to discover their full potential to move forward.

Chandra is an engaging conference speaker with the ability to quickly build rapport and connect emotionally with an audience. She brings healings with her words, her stories, and her expertise.

Chandra has led trainings and facilitated workshops with businesses, universities, women’s groups, churches as well as other organizations. Below are just a few “crowd favorites.”

DREAM FORWARD                                                                 Chandra helps you learn to dream again! Using unique assessment tools she guides you to recognize, address, and overcome fears that keep you from pursuing your dreams. It’s time to live your dreams.

THE POWER OF YOUR DREAMS                                                   Chandra has a unique gift for interpreting dreams and has studied dream interpretation for many years. In this exciting session she will share common dreams and related themes. She will teach you how to recognize who your dream is about, what area of your life is affected by your dream, as well as what colors you are seeing in your dream and what they mean.

RESTORING JOY                                                                          Ritually and sexually abused as a child, Chandra overcame this trauma and has gone on to live a happy, fulfilled life. She shares her testimony and helps others remove the masks and blockages created in childhood to self protect. These defenses limit us as adults. Assisting with redirection and a new outlook, Chandra will help you set goals, learn self-love, self-care and how to step into becoming the best you!

RELEASE THE INFLUENCER IN YOU!                                 Chandra facilitates a 4-hour intensive communications skills seminar. This training provides participants with the tools to build a successful presentations, speak with confidence to become a positive influence in their world.

CHILD TRAFFICKING PREVENTION                                 Chandra has educated over 10,000 people about the issue of child sex trafficking.  This presentation trains community agencies about the signs and causes of human trafficking, how to act early and respond with compassion.